Away for the weekend. Winter sun in Lanzarote


Keep reading to find more about beautiful volcanic island with sunny weather all year round.

Summer can’t last all year long but, luckily, there are many affordable and beautiful destinations where to run to when we miss the warmer weather. 

A top winter destination is Lanzarote, one of the eight islands that compose the Canary archipelago, where we can find minimum temperatures of 23 degrees Celsius throughout the year. As soon as you step out of the plane, you’ll be surrounded by astonishing volcanic landscapes and welcomed by the  hospitable citizens of the island. 

Lanzarote is suitable for all ages and hobbies: you can choose to sunbathe in its black sand beaches or discover its interesting landmarks, mainly designed by architect César Manrique. This arid land is full of white houses in contrast with the volcanic terrain and surrounded by cacti, palms and vineyards, so you will be delighted with incredible views wherever you look. 

Talking about gastronomy, the island has many things to offer. From conventional “teleclubs” -taverns that are considered the meeting point between traditions and original flavours- , to fresh fished restaurants by the beach served with the popular potatoes with pepper based sauces named mojo picón. If you’re looking for a more special experience, you can try one of their extraordinary wines at the cellars located in the center of the island or you can book a table at one of the recognized top restaurants in which the tasting menus are produced with many dishes of the Canary cuisine. 

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