Common missteps in New York City


Find out the common missteps to avoid when planning your trip to New York so that you make the most of your visit to the city!

Organising a trip to this famous metropolis is undeniably exciting, but mastering the art of getting around this metropolis like a local requires strategic planning. In the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps, we’ll guide you through some common missteps to avoid in New York City, so that they don’t delay your experience or make it unpleasant. Let’s talk about these potential errors and ensure your visit is flawless! Ready to navigate the Big Apple like a pro? Keep reading!

View at Central Park in New York City
Be a travel master

Underestimating the vastness of the city is a huge error! This is why you should consider the intricacies of traffic, lines, and the immense size of New York. Avoid filling too much into your itinerary and, instead, opt for a measured and slow pace, giving yourself the freedom to absorb the city’s energy at your own rhythm.

Escaping the ‘too touristy’ attractions

While iconic landmarks like the Empire State Building and Times Square demand attention, don’t focus yourself on the touristic path. Investigate deeper into the essence of New York by exploring neighbourhoods like Brooklyn’s DUMBO or the serenity of the High Line in Chelsea. Discover the true magic hidden beyond the tourist traps.

Keeping an eye on the budget

New York can be a financial challenge, but extravagance is not a synonym for an unforgettable experience. Seek out cost-free activities such as museum nights, street performances, or peaceful strolls through Central Park. Keeping an eye on your budget ensures a memorable trip without breaking the bank!

View of New York City skyline from the Top of the Rock rooftop
Balancing the transportation alternatives

Subways are the most used transport in this concrete jungle, yet taxis and Ubers are also a good option. Occasionally, they can be a relief, especially after a day of exploration. Therefore, striking a balance between subway efficiency and the convenience of alternative transportation is the key to enjoy your trip.

Explore the culinary scene

Skip the temptation of those food chain spots and discover the gastronomic wonders of New York. Look for local delis, try the delights of food trucks, and experience the uniqueness of quirky eateries. The authentic flavours of the city await beyond the famous fast-food restaurants.

Mobile mishaps

Forgetting to secure a local SIM card can lead to exorbitant roaming charges, turning your dream trip into a nightmare. Avoid the headache by investing in a hassle-free solution: eSIMs from Airalo. With over 1 million users worldwide, Airalo offers digital SIM cards that provide seamless connectivity in over 200 countries/regions. Simply download and install the eSIM data pack upon arrival, and stay connected wherever your adventures take you. Click here to purchase it now and don’t let unexpected mobile bills dampen your travel spirits!

As you can see, taking the above into consideration when organising your trip to New York city will avoid you falling into the common missteps if you haven’t been to the city before. If you need further help, at Atlast, we craft experiences that go beyond the ordinary. We’ll help you create your itinerary including front-row tickets to a Broadway or a nice walk around hidden West Village cafés. Our mission is to guide you through a New York with a distinctive twist. New York is more than just skyscrapers and yellow taxis. Connect with us, and we’ll curate your bespoke New York adventure.

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