Discover the unbeatable social life in Madrid


Looking to indulge yourself in an authentic foodie experience in Madrid? Find out the way to do it!

One of the many aspects that makes the Spanish capital city so attractive is, without any doubt, its social lifestyle enjoyed by everyone: locals, expats and tourists. No matter the day of the week or the time of the year, you will always find people having a good time in the streets, bars and terraces. 

Drinks and tapas in a bar in Madrid

This very distinguished bar culture is part of Madrid’s magic and it’s the perfect excuse to pay a visit to this lovely city because the atmosphere you will find in the old taverns and market stalls is unmatched. However, before immersing yourself into an evening of bar crawl, we must advise you that the best way of living this experience is by not expecting a sit-down meal. Going from bar to bar, having a drink and a tapa and meeting people along the way is definitely how you should do it. 

Malasaña, Latina, Lavapiés or Chueca are some of the most popular areas where to start your foodie journey and simply get lost around. Don’t make a plan: the best way to discover the essences of the places is to let yourself go and try the taverns you fancy the most or even ask locals for their personal recommendations. 

People queuing for the famous squid sandwich

Next time you have the opportunity to travel to Madrid, we challenge you to find out the story behind the bars you visit, try different home made “vermuts” and rate your top “tortilla de patatas”!

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