Portugal: the digital-nomads hideaway


Find out why Portugal is the latest and trendy country where to work from remotely.

Surely, Lisbon and Porto are the main well-known cities of this country, and taking evening scrolls around their historical centres while counting the many colorful buildings covered in tiles, is quite an entertainment. However, let’s not leave aside the beautiful Atlantic coastline and the warming welcome that the inhabitants of little towns such as Aveiro, Sintra, Cascais or Coimbra can offer. 

This combination makes the most occidental country in Europe the perfect place where to settle down while telecommuting. If you top it up with the outstanding and affordable gastronomy, where you can savor typical dishes such as cod or sardines, there is no wonder why many freelancers chose Portugal as their office. 

If you’re thinking about heading to this wonderful country, you can find a list of must do’s while you take some time off of the many coworking spaces. Obrigada!  

The ultimate Portuguese to do list while in Lisbon:  

  • Taste the famous sandwich accompanied by their traditional beer
  • Enjoy one of the best sunset at the hidden rooftop
  • Get lost in a popular neighborhood and get mesmerized by the views at one of the many lookouts
  • Let your senses go with a surprising Peruvian and Portuguese kitchen fusion 
  • Discover its local artists, cool restaurants and trendy artisanal shops and ateliers in a factory
  • Escape the city centre to have the mouthwatering well-known cakes you definitely can’t miss

Views from one of many Lisbon’s lookouts

The ultimate Portuguese to do list while in Porto:  

  • Take the full tasting experience and learn about the local Porto wine 
  • Catch the tram to the place where they serve the best local grilled fish by the sea
  • Enter in the magic world of a building which inspired the Harry Potter saga
  • Travel back in time while enjoying their famous dessert at a traditional café
  • Cross the six famous bridges and discover the city from another perspective

Lovely sunset in Oporto
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