Why you can’t miss Istanbul

View from Istanbul city with Galata tower


If you are still hesitating whether to visit Istanbul, take a look at the reasons why you can't miss this amazing city!

Trust us: you must pay a visit to Istanbul! It’s like stepping into a time machine that drives you through centuries of culture and excitement. Istanbul’s got something for everyone, whether you’re into discovering hidden spots or diving into mouthwatering food scenes. Keep on reading to find out the reasons why you can’t miss the wonderful Turkish city of Istanbul!

Secret gems you must visit

First things first, the Grand Bazaar. Don’t skip this massive maze of shops where you can find everything from shiny trinkets to spice mountains. Moreover, each stall’s got its own tale and you’ll want to haggle for that perfect souvenir.

Spices at the Grand Bazaar market in Istanbul

And let’s talk secrets. Ever heard of Suleymaniye Mosque? It’s not just stunning; the view from there is like a postcard come to life. And Balat? This neighborhood’s a riot of colors and street art. It’s where you find those spots not everyone knows about but definitely should. And then there are the hammams, Turkish baths that are all about chilling and feeling fancy. Don’t leave out this amazing experience!

Yummy bites in the city

Basically, if we talk about the culinary scene in Istanbul, you better get ready for an amazing feast! Kebabs that sizzle on the streets, baklava that’s like a sugary dream, and don’t forget to sip the delicious Turkish coffee. It’s a food adventure you’ll surely won’t forget!

Artisanal traditions and warm hospitality

Istanbul’s has a great mix between antique and traditional architecture, but it’s also alive with emerging artists and craftspeople. As a matter of fact, you can watch them making stunning tiles or doing fancy calligraphy.

However, what really makes Istanbul special is its people. They’re more than friendly and love to share their stories. Whether you’re having a fancy Turkish breakfast or cruising the Bosphorus at sunset, you’ll feel right at home.

Blue Mosque view in Istanbul, Turkey
At Atlast, we’re all about making your Istanbul trip special. Because of this, we’ll hook you up with an adventure tailored just for you. Contact us here, and we’ll make your Istanbul dreams a reality. This city’s waiting to blow your mind, and we’re here to make sure it happens.

So, if you’re still wondering why you can’t miss visiting Istanbul, don’t forget to check out our videos for visual inspiration and top picks we recommend you visit while you’re in the city!

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